The main objective of the founding nations of UNESCO, after the catastrophic Second World War, was to construct the defences of peace in the minds of humankind through Education, the Natural and Social Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information.

UNESCO’s aim of contributing to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue is as valid today as it was when the Organization was formed.

The Ghana National Commission for UNESCO (Ghana Natcom) started as a Committee for UNESCO Affairs in 1953 when Ghana became an Associate Member of UNESCO. On 11th April, 1958 when Ghana attained full membership of UNESCO, Cabinet approved the reconstitution of the National Committee under the new title ‘Ghana National Commission for UNESCO’.

The Commission serves as the official link between the Government of Ghana and the Organization. It is an agency under the Ministry responsible for Education. National Commissions are unique institutions found in all Member States of UNESCO.