3rd Martial Arts Research Initiative for Experts (MARIE) – Call for Applications

The UNESCO International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement (ICM) has launched a call for application for its 3rd Martial Arts Research Initiative for Experts (MARIE), which is expected to be held from 2nd July to 2nd August, 2019 in Chungju, Republic of Korea.

The objectives of the programme are to: contribute to youth development and engagement through inclusive and systematic martial arts programmes; and to promote equitable participation of young women in martial arts.

We are living in a world where twenty percent of the youth are facing mental health challenges, especially depression. Since nearly half of the global population is younger than 25 years of age, issues among youth are becoming serious challenges. Martial Arts is not only a physical activity that helps a person stay physically healthy but also an educational tool for youth that engenders values such as respect for oneself and others, self-discipline, fair play, resiliency and respect for cultural diversity.

Martial arts have been predominantly considered a masculine activity for various reasons such as culture, religion and physical factors. There is an obvious need to increase the presence of female practitioners at all levels of martial arts. Promoting the equitable participation of women in martial arts can be initiated by martial arts instructors with well- customized martial arts program for women and youth. In addition, MARIE aims to encourage the participation of female practitioners and support the movement for youth development and engagement through martial arts.

In this context, martial arts researchers and/or instructors are being encouraged, through this programme, to build their capacity in conveying the positive values and skills of martial arts to youth and to also develop a systematic martial arts education programme. 


The programme is open to Martial Arts researchers or instructors who must:
 be between 23 – 35 years
 have acquired a Bachelor’s degree or higher
 have sufficient command of the English language
 have proven knowledge/experience of martial arts
 have experience in teaching the youth and women. Specialization in one of the following fields will be given priority attention: Youth Development and Engagement, Women’s social engagement, ‘Leave No One behind’ for vulnerable groups including youth, the poor, persons with disabilities.

In line with the global Priority Africa and Gender Equality strategies of UNESCO as well as the commitment to equitable geographical and gender balance, sub-Saharan Africa regions as well as women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Funding opportunity:

a) cover the cost of a round-trip economy class flight ticket and accommodation;
b) give the participant an allowance (KRW 30,000/day) to cover your own expenses for meals, phone bills, local travel, and incidentals while on MARIE programme;
Participants are however responsible for obtaining required visas. Responsibility for and costs of obtaining visas shall be borne by the participant.

Application procedure

Interested applicants should kindly send a ‘Request to participate’ in the programme to info@unescoghana.org by Friday, 8th March, 2019. The subject line of the e-mail should indicate your name: Last name, First name.

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