The Republic of Brazil will host the 28th edition of the International Congress for Mathematicians (ICM 2018) in Rio de Janeiro, from 1st – 9th August, 2018.

The International Mathematical Congress (ICM) is the world’s largest and most prestigious event in mathematics. It takes place every four years since 1897. In 2018, the 28th edition of ICM will be held for the first time in Latin America as well as in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Congress aims at contributing to a new era of progress and visibility for mathematics, introducing the most important and significant advances in the area. Prominent mathematicians will be honoured on the occasion with relevant mathematics’ awards, such as the Fields Medal, which is considered as the “Nobel Prize in Mathematics”, the Nevanlinna Prize, in the area of theoretical computing, the Gauss Prize, which distinguishes the greatest applications of mathematics, the Chern Prize, for the work of outstanding mathematicians; and the Priemio Leelavati Prize, for the popularization of mathematics.

The ICM-2018 will be composed of plenary sessions with the participation of renowned researchers, thematic lecturers in 19 different areas, conference for the general public, discussion panels, presentations, as well as exhibitions of academic and editorial institutions.

Deadline for early advance registration, with reduced registration fee, is Friday, April 27, 2018

Conference programme

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