The maiden edition of the Young People’s Expo, as part of the UNESCO Youth Engagement; Civic-Care Project being implemented by Ulti-Leaf Foundation, aims at giving a space and opportunity to Youth to voice-out, step-up and takes actions on pertinent issues in their society, through the creativity of visual, drama and creative writing.


• To increase civic knowledge among the youth, visibility of civic initiatives and opportunities for youth involvement and participation in civic activities.

• To develop youth civic specific knowledge products using culture


This opportunity targets two age groups (15 -17 years and 18-35years) to participate and each target group would be required to submit their ideas and works through the Young Creatives’ Competition and the YP EXPO Call for submissions;

A) Young Creatives Competition (Aged 15 – 17 years); shall comprise visual art and creative writing from Senior High School Students and other young people within the age bracket.

B) YP EXPO Call for Submissions (18- 35 years); shall comprise visual art and creative writing from young people in-school and out-of-school in Ghana.


 Participants should be between the ages of 15-17 and 18- 35 years at the time of submission (in-school and out-of-school)

 Participants should be Ghanaian or resident in Ghana.

 Works submitted should be principally that of the participant.

 Participants who do not follow all guidelines would have their entries disqualified.

 Selected participants shall be required to give a signed consent for the use of their works

 Selected artists shall be required to provide proof of age, nationality or residency.


Participants are required to submit their ideas or works relating to one or two of the following four themes below;

Ulti-Leaf Foundation- Civic- Care Project, under UNESCO, 2020

 Using culture to promote One or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) of the United Nations ( )

 UN Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security (including upcoming 2020 General Elections in Ghana) Information on UNR2250:

 Sanitation, Pollution and Climate Change

 Inequalities related to; i) Persons with Disabilities

ii) Breaking Silence and Secrecy to prevent/end and report on violence and abuse against women, girls and boys, and promoting women’s rights in communities

iii) Migrants and Refugees in Ghana.


 Artworks eligible for submission include; Traditional visual arts (Painting, Pencil art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, other media); Installation art; Digital Visual Arts and Design (animated videos ;3 minutes or less); Photography

 Artworks should be made up of only non-perishable components and measure no more than 2 metres in their longest dimension.

 Artists would be responsible for framing or special treatment of artworks where necessary.

 Eligible Literary works include; Poetry, Prose Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction Prose, Essays/articles.

 Literary works submitted should be in the English language and no more than 750 words.


Submission process is as outlined below;

 Filling of an online form: Use form :

 Submission of work to the email (, title of email should include “YCS, category of competition being entered (art or creative writing) and surname of participant. Example; “YCS ART ENTRY, ARTHUR” “YCS CREATIVE WRITING ENTRY, TETTEH”

 All submissions should have attached, a cover page with participant’s full name, age, address, telephone number and theme(s) chosen

 Literary works should be submitted in a Microsoft Word Doc. Format, with a standard serif or sans-serif font such as Times New Roman or Arial and with font size 12.

 Pictures or scan of artworks may be submitted in a high-quality JPEG format with a description of artwork, materials or media used and how the work relates to the theme(s) chosen.

 Participants may submit works in both categories (art and creative writing), they may however, submit no more than 2 literary works and 3 artworks.


Ulti-Leaf Foundation- Civic- Care Project, under UNESCO, 2020

 Each participant upon submission of works would be given a certificate of appreciation and participation

 All selected works would be exhibited or displayed in full or in part at the Young People’s Expo in Ghana and in other countries.

 All selected and winners would be attached to mentors as per the category of works

 All winners would be commissioned as Young Ambassadors’ in their communities

 Some selected works would be displayed on several platforms including Ulti-Leaf Foundation, UNESCO and associated publications, websites, and social media platforms, at national and global conferences.

 All selected works and winning participants would receive special certificates


A) Visual Arts : 10th February, to 29th February, 2020

B) Creative Writing : 10th February to 23rd February, 2020


You may contact the following officials in case you need further information, question and assistance on the project and expo. Visit our Twitter page for more information: @UltiLeaf , Facebook page: Ulti-Leaf Foundation and website:


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