International Day of the Girl Child

Girls’ education: a force for gender equality and lasting change

UNESCO’s new campaign for International Day of the Girl Child celebrates the GirlForce, those who are working to empower girls and young women to reach their full potential in and through education. It celebrates the girls who, through education, have managed to walk past gender norms and bias to follow their dreams and lead better lives.

From Nepal to Costa Rica, passing through Jordan and Ethiopia, meet the GirlForce around the world committed to empowering girls through education.  UNESCO stands with the GirlForce so that girls and women fully exercise their right to participate in, complete and benefit from a quality education.

Join UNESCO’s #HerEducationOurFuture.

I am Rachidatou. I am a top student in my class in Burkina Faso and want to become a nurse to help my family and my community. I am a GirlForce.

I am Bridget. I learned at school that sciences are not as hard as I thought. Now I want to become a doctor, the best in Ghana, or even the world, to help my community. I am a GirlForce.

I am Gumi. I am the oldest student in my literacy class programme in Nepal. Before I couldn’t even write my name, but now I can read and write and use a cell phone. I am a GirlForce.

I am Magdalena. I empower indigenous adolescent girls and women in Guatemala to continue their education & develop skills to become financially independent. I am a GirlForce.

I am Merid. I am a student in Ethiopia and I help the girls in my school to make reusable sanitary pads so they do not miss class during their period. I am a GirlForce.

I am Jenny. I am an illustrator from Costa Rica. Through my drawings, I help girls raise their voices and empower them to think and learn in different ways. I am a GirlForce.

I am Faezah. I am a teacher from Afghanistan. I work in a school in Greece to help young refugee girls continue learning and dreaming. I am a GirlForce.

I am Julien. I study infant education at a vocational school in Spain. I believe childcare and caring for others is a shared responsibility. It is not a “girls’ thing”. Boys care too. I am a GirlForce.

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