International Symposium: “Setting their Table: Women and the Periodic Table of Elements”

The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science, capturing the essence not only of chemistry but also of physics and biology.

In the history of the discovery and establishment of the PT, it seems there is hardly any women scientists involved. More numerous are they however when it comes to filling the table, and discovering elements, their properties, and their use, even though those women are often forgotten or overlooked. This symposium will address specifically the contribution of women to the PT and the knowledge of its elements, by demonstrating the presence of women and girls in the history of the development and filling of the PT, by reviewing the present situation and achievement of women in chemistry today and setting the table for the future.

The Symposium is set in the frame of the International Years of the Periodic Table and will start on the International Day for Women and Girls in Sciences.

The symposium will open on a festive note with high-end guests and a review of women’s contribution both past and present as well as a roundtable discussion. Following this, there will be one day and a half of parallel sessions exploring specific aspects of the work of women chemists in the connection with the PT and the elements.


Registration is required to attend all the scientific sessions and social events. Please note that only fully registered participants will be admitted to the scientific sessions. A personalized confirmation e-mail will be sent to each participant once the payment of the registration fee has been received either through the online system or in the Symposium’s bank account.

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