International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads 2

UNESCO, in collaboration with the National Commission of People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, is pleased to invite young women and men from countries along the maritime and terrestrial Silk Roads to participate in the International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads 2, to be held in Changsha and Nanjing, 21-27 May 2018.      

The Forum is a follow-up to and building on the success of the International Youth Forum: Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads (IYF) which was held in Changsha and Quanzhou, from 17 – 22 April, 2017.

The Forum will provide 80 participants from China and Silk Roads countries in Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe with an opportunity to discuss the themes of “Advancing Creativity for Development” and “Creativity and Literature”.

The objectives of this International Youth Forum (IYF2) are to:

  1. Provide a forum for young people working in creativity, literature, and heritage to voice their interests and concerns on advancing work in their field;
  2. Mobilize their increased engagement in literature, cultural and creative industries and in the protection and promotion of our common heritage.

IYF2 is being organized to support youth experienced in literature, cultural and creative industries and in protecting and promoting heritage, as well as those in the advanced stages of their studies in these areas. This will include 10 participants selected to take part to the “Experience Changsha Media Arts Program”, which will provide an opportunity to delve over a period of three weeks in the creative industry panorama of the vibrant city of Changsha.

The call is open to all persons aged between 18 – 30 years.



  1. Complete the Application Form Silk Roads – Application form
  2. Submit a copy of your University degree(s)/Technical college certificate(s) or relevant Diploma(s) for studies in the Media Arts, including your Transcript
  3. Submit a Letter of Recommendation on letterhead from your training college, or employer
  4. Submit in writing a one (1) page proposal (360 English Words maximum) of the project you would like to design and work on during the Experience Changsha Media Arts Programme. Silk Roads – Agenda

DEADLINE: 1st April, 2018

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