Museums and Heritage Sites

UNESCO’s support, coupled with the contribution of the Specialized Committee on Culture of the Natcom, culminated in the enlistment of the Forts and Castles dotted along the coast of Ghana as well as the Ashanti Traditional Buildings onto the World Heritage List in 1979 and 1980.


Sn. Name Of Site Location
1 Fort Apollonia Beyin, Western Region
2 Fort St. Anthonio Axim, Western Region
3 Fort Gross Fredericksburg Princess Town, Western Region
4 Fort Metal Cross Dixcove, Western Region
5 Fort Dorothea Akwida Western Region
6 Fort Batenstein Butre, Western Region
7 Fort Orange Secondi, Western Region
8 Fort San Sebastian Shama, Western Region
9 Fort Coenraadsburg (Jago) Elmina, Central Region
10 Fort William Anomabu, Central Region
11 Fort Good Hope Senya Beraku, Central Region
12 Fort William (Lighthouse) Cape Coast, Central Region
13 Fort Amsterdam Kormantin-Abandze, Central Region
14 Fort Patience Apam, Central Region
15 Fort Victoria Cape Coast, Central Region
16 Cape Coast Castle Cape Coast, Central Region
17 St. George’s Castle Elmina, Central Region
18 English Fort British Komenda, Central Region
19 Nassau Mouri, Central Region
20 Vredenburg Dutch Komenda, Central Region
21 Frederiksborg Amanful, Central Region
22 Fort Prinzensten Keta, Volta Region
23 Christiansborg Castle Osu, Greater Accra
24 Ussher Fort (Creuvecoeur) Ussher Town, Greater Accra Region
25 James Fort Jamestown, Greater Accra Region
26 Augustaborg Teshie, Greater Accra Region
27 Vernon (Defence) Prampram, Greater Accra Region
28 Fredensborg (Stop over) Old Ningo, Greater Accra Region

The Asante Traditional Buildings are the last material remains of the great Asante civilization, which reached its high point in the 18th century. Built to traditional plans and constructed with local materials in the early part of 19th century, these buildings were used as houses, local chief’s palaces, and fetish houses. These buildings were acquired by the GMMB and scheduled as National Monument between 1960 and 1970. The Board therefore has acquired the rights to preserve and maintain those buildings.

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