For the biennium 1984 – 1985, the under-listed requests submitted by Ghana for UNESCO’s assistance under the Participation Programme were approved:
1 0815 Financial assistance for organizing an experimental project on the education and training of rural girls and women for their improved status and participation in community development $25,000.00
2 0816 Provision of various equipment for the activities of the Water Resources Research Institute $14,795.00
3 0820 Financial contribution for the continuation of the Ghana/UNESCO project on preventive education on drug abuse $3,500.00
4 0823 Equipment requisition for the establishment of Resources Centre by the Ghana National Association of Teachers $15,000.00
5 0826 Financial contribution towards the organizing of course for teachers of technical, business and catering education $5,000.00
6 0829 Consultant mission to assist in organizing short courses for coaches, trainers, sports administrators and organizers for the specialist Teachers College $1m/m
7 0835 Financial assistance for the publication of a bulletin and a brochure on the activities of the Ghana National Commission $3,000.00
8 0837 Financial contribution to the Association of Africa Universities for publication of a report of a survey of scientific research in agro-industry and renewable resources and for consultancy services $8,000.00
9 0838 Financial assistance for the organization of a regional meeting of officers of scientific associations and unions affiliated to the Association of African Universities $10,000.00
10 0839 Financial assistance for the publication of report of a regional meeting of African Universities Librarians on exchange of documentation and information $5,000.00