World Folklore Day Celebrations- Ghana Edition

World Folklore Day Celebrations- Ghana Edition


Folklore is the totality of a people’s intellectual and spiritual tradition passed on by word of mouth. This comprises customs, beliefs, material culture, dramatic art, festivals, music stories, proverbs, riddles, literary and scientific cultural legacy bequeathed to the World and Ghanaian, which have been maintained and promoted over the years.


The term folklore was originated by William Tom, an Englishman, in 1846. According to him Folklore relates to past events but have a link with the society from which it emerged.  In the developed countries therefore folklore is regarded as outmoded, often uncouth and unsophisticated.

#World Folklore Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of the folk art forms and culture and to create public awareness on its importance. Let us take pride in our country’s rich folk traditions and ancient lore.


National Folklore Board is upon recognizing the Folklore in Ghana is organizing a three-day event to commemorate World Folklore Day from 20th August to 22nd August this year.


Details of the three- day event will comprise the following;


20th August 2018  – Official Launch of the World Folklore Day Celebrations; a symposium on the role of folklore and intellectual property in branding Ghana, Folklore Honorary Awards and an Eat Ghana Brunch.

Venue-Dubois Centre


21st August 2018  – Children’s Fun Folklore Games Day; a fun day of traditional games such as oware, sansankroma and ampe, a match of proverbs, storytelling sessions, traditional dance sessions and ethnic language spelling bees.

Venue- St. Kizito Catholic School, Nima


22nd August 2018  – World Folklore Day- Global Village Edition; a cultural extravaganza displaying the folklore of Ghana and many other countries around the world.

Venue-National Theatre


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