Founded in 1953, the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) is a worldwide network bringing together more than 9900 educational institutions across 180 countries. It comprises pre-schools, primary, secondary, technical and vocational schools as well as teacher training institutions.

In this year, it was decided to set up a Scheme of coordinated Experimental Activities in Schools of Member States in order to “encourage the development of education in the aims and activities of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies and in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

ASPnet is a key promoter of UNESCO values and the integration of international perspectives into schools.

Ghana joined ASPnet in 1961 when the Network was known as the Associated Schools Project (ASPRO). The ASPnet family in Ghana has over 100 schools as members. It is found at the basic school level unlike other countries where they can be found at the second and third cycle institutions. The schools are under the umbrella of the Ghana National Commission for UNESCO. 

Activities of ASPnet in Ghana are guided by programmes and activities issued from UNESCO Headquarters and a National Planning Committee which plans the programmes and activities for the year, in line with the ideals of UNESCO ASPnet. ASPnet in Ghana continues to focus its activities on Peace, Inter-cultural Learning, Human Rights and the Environment.

ASPnet schools have over the past ten years taken part in flagship projects and programmes which include participating in the celebration of UN/UNESCO International Days or Years, Essay and Art Competitions, International Choral Competitions, Conservation of World Heritage sites, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade projects, Sustainable Development and Inter-cultural Dialogue.

ASPnet has also researched into issues affecting the society and schools have taken part in international workshops, seminars and conferences.  ASPnet Schools have twinned with local and foreign schools and engaged in exchange of teaching and learning experiences, debates, excursions, writing news items and expressing their views on topical issues through drawings and writing.

The ASPnet fraternity in Ghana has over the years enjoyed huge benefits from her association with this network:

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