Composition of the Ghana Natcom

The Commission presently comprises thirty-five (35) members drawn from relevant Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Institutions as well as non-governmental organizations in Ghana as follows:


  • The Minister for Education  –  Chairman of the Commission
  • The Chief Director, Ministry of Education  –  Vice Chairman of the Commission
  • E. the Ambassador to France  –  Permanent Delegate of Ghana to UNESCO
  • The Secretary-General  –  Ghana National Commission for UNESCO
  • Ex-Officio Member  –  Ghana’s Representative on the Executive Board of UNESCO
  • Chairman, Legal and Administrative Committee
  • Chairman, Education Committee
  • Chairman, Culture Committee
  • Chairman, Communication/Information Committee
  • Chairman, Natural Sciences Committee
  • Chairman, Social Sciences Committee


The Representatives of:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration
  • National Commission on Culture
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Vice-Chancellors Ghana
  • Ghana National Commission on Children
  • Ghana Journalists Association
  • Ghana National Association of Teachers
  • Ghana Geological Survey
  • EPA/MAB National Committee
  • Ministry of Communications
  • Parliamentary Select Committee on Education
  • Ghana Association of Private Voluntary Organizations in Development
  • Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • National Committee on the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
  • National Committee on International Hydrological Programme
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Ghana Library Board
  • Ghana Museums and Monuments Board
  • Ministry of Sports
  • Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment
  • Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs
  • National Council on Tertiary Education

The Commission meets in plenary session twice a year, preferably March/April and September/October. However, in a General Conference year, the Commission may meet more than two times.